Four Cool and Charming Babes

In urban legend, a blizzard baby is one born nine months after a brutal snowstorm; science doubts their existence but some have pointed out a similar pattern in babies being born nine months after tornadoes and terror attacks. Beauty, meaning, delight, as the result of something dark and disastrous.

This kind of duality can be found on the self-titled EP from Chicago noise pop band Blizzard Babies (who were, indeed, conceived during a blizzard in 2011). Recorded over two days in October 2013 by Gregoire Yeche at Electrical Audio, each song offers the listener sounds that are both carefree and upbeat (the post-punk "cookoos" of "Kittens!" the dreamy instrumental "Summer of Dads") as well as gloomy and sinister (the moody head bopper "Bababarians", the vengeful anthem "The Bus"). For every declaration of love there is a condemnation of street harassers and toxic relationships, for every lazy day melody there is a feedback whine, a shredded string and an aggressively propulsive drum beat.